In early October 2014, we were so excited. Emma, our first child, was due to be born in 5 short weeks. Having received a healthy checkup just three days earlier, nothing seemed out of the ordinary on Friday, October 10th, other than I had not felt our normally active Emma kicking that day. Just to be safe, my husband and I went to the hospital for what we thought would be a routine ultrasound. Instead we were given the most devastating news expecting parents could ever hear — that our precious Emma did not have a heartbeat.

After delivering Emma we were blessed to spend a couple of days with her. Soon though, we were faced with the reality of not only grieving our enormous loss, but also going home to an empty house and feeling hopeless and heartbroken. We left the hospital with empty arms and with no direction on how to begin to pick up the pieces of our shattered dreams as a family of three. 

In our darkest and saddest days that followed, we found solace in the advice, support and love from other families and couples who had been through a similar loss. We leaned on strangers who instantly became friends through our shared experience of grief. These new friends taught us so much about how to cope with our grief while still honoring Emma’s life, even though it was shorter than we could have ever hoped. It was through the bonds with other grieving parents that the idea of Forever My Baby You'll Be emerged.